Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Signature Series: Strawberry Cheesecake

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Signature Series:  Strawberry Cheesecake
A delicious cheesecake infused with fresh ripe strawberries!  Even if you're not a fan of cheesecake, this creamy strawberry vape will be sure to change your mind.

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    Super Bummed!!!

    Posted by Chad Fletcher on 21st Apr 2017

    I have been looking for a great strawberry cheesecake juice that satisfied my pallet and after reading the reviews for this I thought for sure I had found it. My very first tank full I literally got almost no flavor so I figured no problem, I'll let it steep for a little while... A month later and I did get a hint of strawberry but nothing else. Trust me, I know what a good cheesecake tastes like, I go to the cheesecake factory all the time just to get a couple slices. I got none of that flavor in this and barely any strawberry flavor either and that bummed me out bigtime... I really wish I could give this 5 stars because that would mean I had found a great cheesecake vape.

  • 5

    Posted by Arthur Wiley on 20th Apr 2017

    Creamy cheesecake drizzled with fresh strawberry syrup. An instant favorite of mine that I could vape non stop! Now I need to buy a bottle. Yum.....

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    Spot on

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Dec 2016

    Good buy, taste and vape qualities.

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    Delicious vape

    Posted by Audrey Ellertson on 3rd Oct 2016

    I saw a review of this juice on the IVC page on facebook and decided to try it. I'm so glad I did. It is spot on cheesecake. Smooth, sweet but not overly sweet. As soon as I tried it and before I finished the tank I ordered 3 more bottles. Bob makes a key lime cheesecake that is just as good as the strawberry cheesecake. As soon as I tried it I bought 4 more. If you even remotely like cheesecake it's worth a try. SPOT ON CHEESECAKE. I vape mine at 75w using the SIG213 with a Crown tank using the .25 coils. I imagine it's even better when dripped. Don't waste anymore time, for the price this vape is a steal. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR BUY IT!! You will not be sorry.

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    This is what you have been aearching for.

    Posted by Matt aka RoadRage810 on 19th Sep 2016

    I have pretty much vaped Nillionaire exclusively since November when I picked a bottle up on a whim. That was my introduction to IVC. I have mixed in raspberry Nillionaire as well but one of those two have been pretty much what I use all the time. I have dozens of juices from IVC&A and all are good but I will drip a little or go through a tank and go back to my Nillionaire.

    I recently picked this up and I have been through 1 bottle and starting my second with a 3rd on order currently. I haven't touched any other juice since I tried this. This is honestly the first thing that has pulled me away from Nillionaire from more than an hour. I can't even describe the complex flavor depth and do it justice. It tastes like cheesecake. Not like a cheesecake flavored something but actual cheesecake. You can feel and taste the creaminess in it and it doesn't dry the mouth out like most flavors do. It is actually a moist Cheesecake vape. You get the moist strawberry cheesecake flavor on the inhale and can taste the graham cracker crust on the exhale.

    On my 5 star scale I give this one a 7 and recommend it to anyone who finds the flavor profile even mildly interesting. If you like cheesecake, buy it. I have found a new all day vape. My wife walked into the garage where I was working and commented that it smelled like delicious graham crackers. That in itself is a huge compliment because she hates the smell of almost anything I vape.

    I can't think of anything to say to give this high enough praise for flavor so let me sum it up with this. Out of all of the juices I have tried in the last 4 years from all manufacturers and have loved, if I was forced to only have one flavor for the rest of my life this would be it.