Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Felt Mansion

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Felt Mansion

Ripe Strawberry, Bubble Gum and tart Lemon



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    Double Bubble in a bottle!

    Posted by J Maharg on 20th May 2016

    If you're looking for a sweet bubblegum then you might want to look elsewhere. Felt Mansion hits every note of the semisweet almost tart double bubble (after you've been chewing it for a minute).

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    I am very satisfide

    Posted by Steve Doudoukjian on 19th May 2016

    I got my order within three days and it was the right stuff. The only thing is there was juice on the bottle like it had leaked out but still looked to be full

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    know your nic levels

    Posted by Unknown on 13th May 2016

    Spaulding light was the first juice I got and it was great, but I eventually found felt mansion and fell in love. I started with the level 3 nic and it was perfect. I got tart lemon and sweet strawberry. It was awesome until my local shop ran out of 3 so I got 6. For me all I can taste was nicotine and as a person trying to quit smoking it wasn't all that plesant. I can't taste my flavors again. So be sure to sample first.

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    Your milage may vary

    Posted by Ken P. on 11th Apr 2016

    Let me start of saying that I was super pumped to try this flavor, the people at IVC&A are true geniuses of their craft. With that being said, you can tell that a lot of thought went into this flavor. I know that everyone experiences flavors differently and very sadly for me this flavor comes across as if someone took a piece of strawberry gum, chewed it up, left it for a week, and then had you try it. Just very muddled, very mute, with a strange sweet that sticks to your wicks. You will need to re-wick after this flavor.

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    great blend

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Apr 2016

    Just a great all day juice! Highly recommended.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Mar 2016

    I love the flavor strawberry gum very refreshing

  • 5
    Tasty and smooth

    Posted by Levi on 9th Feb 2016

    The flavor on this is just great. Reminds me of the old 5 cent bubble gum I used to get when I was a kid. It's also very smooth with very little throat hit even at 6mg.

  • 4

    Posted by Kim on 29th Jan 2016

    I had sampled this flavor in a local shop here in Iowa, it was good and I figured it would be even better in my own tank, so I ordered it. Quality of the juice, PHENOMENAL. I will say that me personally, I don't taste bubblegum at all, it's more of a creamy strawberry hard candy. Hence, 4 stars instead of 5. But still a great juice!!!!

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    0 Mg tastes almost metallic, could be a bad batch.

    Posted by Nick on 12th Jan 2016

    I've always been In love with DUJ juices and independent vapor juices. To my surprise, 0 mg of this flavor had a strong metallic almost burnt taste to the liquid. I threw away 3 good coils and even thought my tank (Tfv4) was out of commission before i imagined that the juice was at fault. It's a great flavor in 3, i thought it would be similar with 0 nic. Chances are I just got a funky batch, but Im stuck buying smokes for another week because I cant afford more coils/liquid until my next paycheck. Other then this batch of liquid I've received, all the flavors I've purchased through DUJ would receive 5/5 from me including Paulding light, River Raisin, and 3mg nic Felt Mansion. I gave this review a 3 because my current batch would be a 1/5 and I know the flavor is perfect in 3 nic.