Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Sugar Butter Cookie blended with French Vanilla Ice Cream



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    Fantastic! But always out of stock!

    Posted by Steve on 18th Aug 2019

    My favorite everyday vape, love this stuff. Currently looking for another go to that I can get regularly as this is always out of stock in the nicotine level I use. Very, very, disappointing. Also not super happy with the recent pricing change, which at first seems great, but then you realize that shipping went from free to like $9. $9 to ship is a bit excessive. Anyway, would continue to buy this if they had it in stock all the time, but it's time to find something else more reliable from a different seller.

  • 5

    Posted by Heather on 24th Jun 2019

    I have loved this juice for a few years now, it never disappoints. Great all day vape!

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    Too Light On Flavor

    Posted by Sausage Mechanic on 10th May 2019

    Any review on the taste of e-juice is highly subjective. Just because I don't like a flavor doesn't mean you won't. That being said, there is an aftertaste to vegetable glycerin (VG) I find somewhat unpleasant. When the flavor of the e-juice is robust I don't notice it, but in lightly flavored juices it's very noticeable. Eloise is a lightly flavored juice. I had to give the unused portion to a friend. (Incidentally… he liked it)

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    Great product - Great Company

    Posted by Al on 14th Feb 2019

    I love this juice - a straight forward vanilla rounded off with a sweet finish. IVC is my go to source, good prices and quick delivery.

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    DUJC Does it again

    Posted by Amra the Lion on 3rd Jan 2019

    Eloise is a very unique flavor,I mean seriously who tries to replicate a sugar cookie??? That warm sweetness,nothing exotic just plain ole goodness,memories of Grandma baking a batch or 3 while you're visiting,DUJC has hit all of these aspects with this juice.But it has what i consider to be a cleansing quality,meaning that vaping a tank or 2 of this in between flavor changes seems to make the next flavor you go to more flavorful,maybe its just me on that aspect,but give it a try and see.
    Overall this is another fine selection from DUJC,they are tied w/1 other brand on being my go to juices as i now have dedicated tanks for all of their flavors,the other i have 3 of 5 that are dedicated flavors.For 1 company to have hit the mark on every one of their juices says a lot about their Mixologists,well done and thank you.

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    Who knew an abandoned hospital could taste like a bakery?

    Posted by Dusty on 21st May 2018

    I was absolutely geeked to find these DUJC juices within walking distance of my house and after sniffing around I just trusted my first instincts and bought a big bottle of Eloise. I got tired of my first fill unexpectedly fast but after switching back to my fruity juice (POD Tiger Uppercut) found myself craving it like crazy. Bumping the nic level with the Sapphyre 45mg additive is giving me the perfect balance of creamy yum flavor and throat hit that I've been after. I initially found the butter taste to be a little too pronounced, but boy has it grown on me. This is the flavor that's made a bakery convert out of me!

    As an overall I've found everyone at the Michigan Ave store to be amazing and friendly, too. They're very patient with helping me satisfy my indecisive fickle tastes and so full of helpful recommendations. You guys rock!

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    Posted by Pam on 9th May 2018

    I finally decided to try eloise and I'm glad i did. The sugary, butter cookie isn't overly sweet or over powering. To top it off the vanilla mixes well with the other 2 flavors making it a great flavor overall.

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    Posted by me on 24th Feb 2018

    eloise is a dirty girl but that is good

  • 5
    Best juice ever!

    Posted by Skylar on 25th Oct 2017

    This is the only juice I will buy anymore. I absolutely love it! Good flavor without being too strong. I like my juice to be sweet but not fruity at all. This is very mellow and just never gets old. And everyone says I always smell good