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Cherry blossom, two variations of citrus, and some surprises make this a complex, unforgettable vape.

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    Prue awesome

    Posted by Aron ANDERS on 16th Mar 2016

    This juice is very tasty the flavor is amazing I absolutely love nillonaire and this is my number two possibly my number one as of now I hope to see some more flavors come from this line

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    Techne 130mls later

    Posted by KS-RO on 30th Nov 2015

    Techne, my 2nd purchase was a 100ml bottle, it's now empty. The flavor is different in the positive. The very mild yet worthy hint of natural cherry with the crisp citrus for myself a refreshing vape. There is no cool, no menthol. There is though the effervescent touch while vaping.

    The person who wrote that Techne destroyed their Atlantis coil. I am new to Vaping, 7 months. Through trial and errors I have found that Independent Vapors are heavier on the VG, what the ratio is? this is not said on the bottles. I have more than one set up. I have found the coil resistance is to either make or break my vaping, Techne, along with other vapes from I.V. being the main instigator.

    My other juices which are 50/50 ratio, no issues with. I learned within my own preferences I do not like sub-ohm coils 0.5 Tank (not dripping) with I.V. juices. It's not enjoyable, the flavors of the Juices become gooey and sickly sweet.

    I purchased a Kbox Mini (Kangertech) with two new bottles from I.V. last week. The coil in the set up, 0.5 sub-ohm. I tried it for a day, then the Juice changed, it became awful. That I felt sick vaping. 0.5 coil, Kbox Mini, 40watts oh no, it became so bad.

    I popped in the 1.5 coil, primed it, let it sit for 45 mins. Nillionare Series Grapefruit 3mg loaded and I am as happy as a clam. My Kbox is running at 1.6 at 10 watts, a cool clean crisp vape, lots of clouds, No complaints.

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    Great taste! But...

    Posted by Unicronic on 19th Nov 2015

    I picked up a bottle of Techne from Wild Bills. I was intrigued by the flavor. Overall, the flavor was unique and tasty, however it destroyed my brand new atlantis coil within two days. Completely junked/burned it up. Total bummer, probably won't buy again. I'd recommend it, just for that exotic and unusal flavor for dropping or RDAs or whatever, just not for use in a tank.