Fear The Rainbow

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Fear The Rainbow

30ml:  With our recent adoption of self-adhesive stamps, we have found ourselves with a lot of extra time. So much, in fact, that when our neighbors from across the street came by asking us to help them sort out a problem with their Organic Matter Evaporation / Recoloring Unit (we still aren't sure what they do over there), our engineers were happy to oblige. Never ones to do things halfway (they once developed an entirely new language because they couldn't find a word that properly described that feeling when you have to sneeze but just can't), the engineers attacked the problem with their trademark gusto. If they had had any idea how the machine operated, they might have had some measure of success. As it was, the first thing they noticed upon finishing "repairs" and flipping the switch was that they had forgotten to reconnect the switch. Resolving that issue and hearing the machine rumble to life, the second first thing they noticed was utter pants-soiling pandemonium. The specifics of the devastation are too gruesome to recount here in their entirety, but it will suffice to say that the company that owned the building across the street has had their... assets liquidated, in a manner of speaking. The most thoroughly disconcerting thing about the mechanical rampage was the horrifying rainbow-colored aura that enveloped the machine as it enacted its terror. It is a rainbow that continues to haunt the nightmares of our engineering department (who escaped unscathed thanks to classified genetic modifications). We thought it only decent to memorialize this terrible event in the one way we know how. Our flavor guys skittered around for a while before they came up with something that tastes remarkably like a certain rainbow-associated candy (much to the chagrin of our engineers), but we think they nailed it.


TL/DR:  A mouthful of candy.



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    Best Skittles Juice!

    Posted by Rob J. on 1st Dec 2017

    I have been vaping this now for a couple of months. I have to say that out of all the Skittles flavored EJuice I have tried, this is the best. It does lean toward the citrus side, but the flavor is awesome.

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    Embrace the rainbow

    Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2017

    Tastes just like skittles...maybe more of the lime flavored skittles but it's still delish.